Cactus Village Hotel & Bungalows

In the Cactus Hotels, Cactus Village is the annex of the resort extending towards the mountain. Mountain and sea views blend in the gardens of Cactus Village, decorated with white statues and finely well-kept flowers and plants. This cozy and charming hotel connects with Cactus Beach with an underpass.


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Couldn't be better! | Review Rate: 6.0 / 6 - Jürgen

The hotels Cactus beach and village through an underpass connected with one another. I myself lived in the new village. A quiet, small and informal complex with a great pool and private pool-/ snack bar. Both hotels have a wonderful planting and remember in a small village. I was already in many hotels on Kreta, but here I definitely my second at home found.

Great hotel, great people, great holiday! | Review Rate: 5.9 / 6 - Carmen & Thorsten

A great, extensive, with attention to detail laid out hotel with a short way to the beach! Delicious food, pleasant staff, we felt at ease! The place is very busy and leaves nothing to the imagination.

Great holiday again and again | Review Rate: 5.9 / 6 - Sissy

Best hotel on Kreta, you feel at home in this hotel particularly the pleasant staff, with perfect German Knowledge. A few meters only for great beach from Stalis and plenty of shops!


Sports Centre & Spa At the neighboring Cactus Royal you can enjoy an all-around sports experience for sport lovers in the top-of-the-notch equipment gym, fitness center and Spa.


Animation Endless fun and entertainment for adults and children alike, Cactus Village offers activities for all interests to guests residing at its premises. All events and activities are organized at Cactus Beach.



Cactus Village Hotel & Bungalows

Cactus Village Hotel & Bungalows

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Cactus Village Hotel & Bungalows
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